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Whekau The only problem with Hearth is that it's too short..
I know that an album is great when it makes my car go faster. With Burst my foot is down all the way. Every time. Oh and did I mention that it's too short? Favorite track: Burst.
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released June 1, 2014



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Wavelengths Trollhättan, Sweden

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Track Name: Revolution
This is it we are the resistance
We will stand when all else is falling
We are all wavelengths
We are the wave

When everything falls apart
We have to stand up and speak out
The same old road that we've always walked
Is forever worn out and useless

From what I've seen in life
Anger and rage is getting us nowhere
We are all wavelengths
We are the wave

So raise your fist and make your voice count
Don't back down, let them know that you're here
Raise your fist and make your voice count
Don't try to win this just try to make them see
Track Name: The Boy In The Storm
You have to realize there's nothing but dust in my heart
I felt alone right from the start
I've been fighting for nothing
Wherever i go i hit a brick wall

Wasting time, wasting truth
We're wasting all this time being confused
Flipping cards, feeling used
Can anyone show a glimpse of empathy?

Am i asleep?
Wake me up
If I'm up put me down

I can't stand the stench of my own self pity
I can't stand the stench of my own fucking self pity

I'm going nowhere, I never will
I'll be forever standing still
My legs are sore and my mind is weak
There's a bird on my window, no one cares for the song he sings

With a hole in my body, backstabbed and pure
When i walk alone in the rain no one can feel the pain
Am I the boy in the storm? There's no one to catch me if I fall
Am I the boy in the storm? is this a closed door?
Track Name: Burst
Are you feeling satisfied with your decision?
I craved nothing from you but honesty

These feelings crawled in different directions
This wasn't planned at all
How could I be so naive and blind?

Burst, I'm wide open
Stab me with your ignorance
Burst, wide your skies, don't fixate at mine
I am whole, leave me alone

Break the mirror
See how the false picture shatters
Realize what's right and wrong
You are whole

Du var mitt ankare i ett stormigt hav fyllt med kaos
Men det blev tyngre med tiden och vi sjönk till botten
Med ett hål i hjärtat och en krossad tillit
Jag förblöder, det är över